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Former 6 Week challenge participant? Tribe member? Non-member wanting to see what a challenge is like?

This program was born out of demand from past challengers who wanted a way to relax a bit from the 6 Week Challenge, but keep the gains they worked so hard to get! Or maybe you want a way to get back on track after celebrating those gains a little too much!

Consider this a mini-version of our full blown 6 Week Challenge.

Same premise, with slightly different rules.

1.) Who can participate?

Answer: Past challengers, Tribe members of our camps, and Non-Members.

2.) Do I have to attend a meeting somewhere?

Answer: No... You will receive a video covering everything you need to do, the eating plan, etc.

3.) Will I have to go somewhere to weigh in at a certain time?

Answer: No... You will get instructions on weighing in from your home using your phone's camera.

4.) For my workouts am I limited to a certain time and the camp I choose?

Answer: No... You can utilize all camp times we have available and change them as often as you like. You may also attend any camp at any time during the program. (Edmond, OKC, Moore, Deer Creek/Piedmont, Yukon, Midwest City) or use our LIVE broadcast system to participate from HOME...

5.) Can my family eat what's on the eating plan for this program?

Answer: Absolutely! One of the main focus of my team was to make this family friendly with all the recipes that come with this program.

6.) What are the requirements for this 21-Day (Keep It Off Program)

    • A) You must send in a video from your phone of your beginning weigh in from your home or other place stating you are taking the 21-Day (Keep It Off Program).
    • B) You must weigh in every Sunday by taking a picture of your feet on a digital scale showing your weight and texting it to us. 
    • C) You must workout at any of our camps at any time (3-Days) per week minimum. You can work out more if you desire.
    • D) You must check in on Facebook (we will show you how) each time you work out in one of our camps.
    • E) You will be placed in a (Private) Facebook group with others going through this program. You will get support, the eating plan, the recipe book, and I will send you weekly videos to make changes, challenge you, etc...
    • F) You must send a video from your phone of your final weigh in from your home or other place.
    • G) All the above requirements are what will hold you accountable for 21-Days to ensure your success.

7.) What is the cost for this program?

    • Tribe members → (people that are already paying members of our camp) the commitment fee is $97.00
    • Tribe members ONLY → If you lose 10 pounds during the 21-Day (Keep It Off Program) you get the $97.00 (100% refunded)
    • Non-Members → the commitment fee is $157.00
    • Non-members ONLY → This is non-refundable BUT.... at the end of the program I will give you $5.00 for every pound you lose toward a camp membership program if you decide to stay with us.
    • Example: If you lose 10 pounds I will give you $5.00 x 10 = $50.00 off you first month's dues of a camp membership.

8.) Do I have to join on a camp membership if I do this program?

Answer: No... You are more than welcome to pay the $157.00 (Non-member fee) and after the completion of the program return to wherever you were working out before.  We just want to reward those that decide to join our tribe family by giving them $5.00 per pound lost toward our camp membership program.

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All I ask my clients to do is show up and follow my instructions.

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Revamped Six Week Challenge

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Trust us, if you are motivated, you can do anything for six weeks. We want dedicated individuals who can follow instructions and have the desire to make life altering changes to their health.  Show up, do the work, lose 20 pounds and your body transformation is 100% on us.  No gimmicks, no tricks.  Your success is our best advertising!

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