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Q&A - Hardbody

  1. Attending an Orientation is mandatory.
  2. The 6-week Hard Body Program will begin at the same time as one of our 6-week/20 Pound Weight Loss Challenges.
  3. Camp Workouts: 5-Days per week at one of our 6 camp locations.
    1. Personal Small Group Training: 3-Days per week at our private training studio in Edmond, Deer Creek/Piedmont & Moore (8-people) per group (no exceptions).
      (Edmond Private Training Center) located at 305 Wimbledon Road, Edmond OK 73003
      (Moore Private Training Center) located at 2412 N. Moore Avenue, Moore OK 73160
      (Deer Creek/Piedmont) located at 7304 NW 164th Street #1, Edmond, OK 73013
    2. Workouts will be Monday-Wednesday-Friday and last 30 minutes
  4. You will get a "Hardbody" t-shirt.
  5. You will get scheduled to use our Fit 3-D Body Scan for two purposes:
    1. To measure your body fat before and after the program to track your 5% body fat loss goal
    2. To create an avatar of your body before and after the challenge to chart visual progress of where the 5% Body Fat was lost on your body.
    3. Click here to view how the Fit 3-D Body Scanner works.
  6. You are required to do 2 weigh ins ONLY. Your initial weigh in and final weigh in. We are now focused on body fat not primarily weight loss.
  7. You must check in on Facebook at the camp workouts AND your personal training sessions.
  8. You will be placed in a Hard Body Program private Facebook group.
  9. Before and After Pics.
  10. Before and After Videos.
  11. Before and After Fit 3-D Body Scans.
  12. You MUST be at your ideal weight.
    1. This program was designed to take the individual to the next level when they DO NOT have 20 lbs to lose.
    2. At orientation if I feel you are NOT at your ideal weight I will speak to you about some other options you can explore.

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All I ask my clients to do is show up and follow my instructions.

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